We aim to create Real Jamaican Tours for the Lion in You #alldayallnight, not just Prices! Our main focus is on offering you the genuine Jamaican experience for the correct amount of money. So, if any of our tour suggestions bellow doesn’t fit you, than we’ll customize it and discuss it till you’ll say: “Ya ‘mon! Let’s go!”


Glass-Bottom-Boat-810x539Glass Bottom Boat Ride
*Climb aboard a glass bottom boat where you are present with the windows into the underwater world, experience the unique marine landscape filled with coral reefs and brightly colored tropical fish. See everything a scuba diver sees without getting wet on one of these amazing glass bottom boat trips. Cruise over the beautiful marine gardens which you can view from the boat through clear glass at the bottom of the boat. Where you can view the marine beautiful marine life and on some occasions feed the fish. Just below the surface of the water, the coral and fish appear magnified, as if they are right beneath the glass. The beautiful coral reef formations will mesmerize passengers of every age.



* With over six hundred miles of coastline, Jamaica has some of the best snorkeling spots in the world. Whether you’re a beginner or someone who has gone snorkeling before, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.Jamaica’s underwater world features beautiful coral reefs and colorful marine life, and the crystal clear waters make it all easy to see. Many of the more captivating views are close to the shore, which makes Jamaica ideal for snorkeling.
the best snorkeling spots in Jamaica are found in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay and Negril.



dunns-river-fallsDunn’s River Falls
* Dunn’s River Falls is a famous waterfall near Ocho Rios, Jamaica and a major Caribbean tourist attraction. Dunns River Falls located in Ocho Rios a few miles from the city center. The Dunns River Falls cascade over smooth lime stone rocks, through the tropical rain forest all the way to the white sandy beach below. Smaller water falls create cool refreshing pools where climbers can take a dip.
Dunn’s River Falls Park has excellent facilities, picnic areas, as well as terracing and decks, which allow scenic views of the falls for those that cannot climb the falls.
You climb the Dunns River Falls in a human chain led by an experience guide, who will also take your camera and pictures as you climb.

 By car



By boat


  By car



By boat


* Go on a mystical and adventurous journey to the birth and resting place of the legendary “King of Reggae” Bob Marley, who’s taken reggae music to the four corners of the world. Experience the meaning of Jamaican hospitality in this small village called “Nine Mile.”
This experience will take you on a tour to visit the home, burial ground and the place where the King himself gathered his thoughts for his songs – the rock he meditated on. Get the chance to view many historical artifacts including guitars, awards and photographs. Nine Mile is where Bob Marley’s musical career began and also influenced many of his songs.



liberty-tours-jamaicaThe Blue Hole Immersion
* A hidden gem in the Ocho Rios countryside, this site is worth seeing! The Blue Hole is a place you must experience; the waterfalls and the beautiful blue holes are simply an oasis. You can swim in the beautiful pools of water all afternoon. The river is refreshing, and the views are once in a lifetime, it is a experience you won’t regret, or soon forget! You can also jump from small and large cliffs, submerging yourself in the pool beneath the canopy forest.
Blue beyond imagination, pure and clean, this spot is everything what you think of when you imagine Jamaica! Unlike many crowded attractions in Jamaica, this spot is a more private site. The Blue Hole is beautiful secluded swimming hole that many of our Jamaican friends don’t even know about.



original_open-uri20131215-2253-svep05Fern Gully Tour
* Take a step back into the wilds of Jamaica with a drive through the incredibly lush and tropical Fern Gully. A towering tunnel of ferns and tropical overgrowth, this rainforest is so full and green that it has become one of the most noteworthy attractions in all of Jamaica. See water falling over canyons, beautiful gorges, tropical birds of paradise and more than 300 varieties of fern.



067709_130214010108Horse Back Riding
* Ride gentle horses on our beautiful private eco friendly & nature-lovers paradise, shaded trails, amazing flora & fauna, historical medicinal herbs & spices, taste fruits in season, capture photos of wild water birds & Jamaican parrots, and an overall wealth of hands-on local experience.



491a706eba53e8a03c7002d01c408768White River Tubing Adventure
* White River Tubing is a refreshing adventure in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  The White River is known for its beauty and fresh water rivers.Create some great memories here as you tube down this fresh body of water surrounded by lush and tropical scenery. If you’re looking for a tour that’s a little different, this is your tour!The first part of the journey down involves small rapids and the rest of the journey is quite peaceful and relaxing. The journey down the river is a sight to behold. You will pass coconut plantations, bamboo groves, lush fauna, and see how the locals reside right on the riverbanks.The tubes are closed at the bottom so no worries of being harmed from beneath.
 75$/adult  45$/kid
slidea1Bamboo Blue Beach Chill
* Come visit Jamaica’s popular Bamboo Beach Club where white sand, blue water and beautiful views create an unforgettable tropical paradise. Sprawling almond and palm trees line the seashore and create an atmosphere of relaxation and fun. Enjoy one of the most unique cultural experiences on the island, as live entertainment is ongoing and gives you a real feel of the Jamaican culture. Jamaican dancers, reggae drummers, exotic singers and artistic acrobats make up our distinctive troupe of professionals who present enjoyable performances right on the sand.
 30$/adult  20$/kid
green-grotto-caves-5Green Grotto Caves Tour
* The Green Grotto Caves are among Jamaica’s most prominent natural attractions. They are of international repute and have been seen by visitors since the 18th century.Situated on  25.9 hectares of the island’s beautiful North Coast, the caves are located between the resort centers of Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. The central feature of this natural attraction is the large limestone cave with its numerous formations.
The first Jamaicans, the Arawak Indians (Tainos) found shelter in the caves initially. Proof of this is evident in the multiple fragments of pottery and adzes that are unearthed from time to time. During the period of take-over by the English, the caves were used as a hideout for the Spaniards who were being driven out of the country.
Take an extensive tour of the caves and enjoy the many attractions that are present. This is an experience you would not want to miss.
 70$/adult  45$/kid
43672037_457023898138181_7155113462970974208_nKingston Town Day
* Kingston has preserved much of its history in its architecture. Etched in its own vernacular are enduring tales of disaster and triumph; hardship and courage – set against the tapestry of slavery, colonialism and contemporary struggles for emancipation “from mental slavery” – much of this all is scripted into the lyrics and rhythms of reggae and dance hall music.
From the infamy of Pirate Sir Henry Morgan to the fame of Reggae Super Star Bob Marley whose lyrics “Old Pirates yes they Rob I” tell of a city with enduring contradictions and contrasts, a unique experience.
 120$/adult  65$/kid
Rockhouse-Cliffs-Exterior-1Negril Paradise
* Negril was “discovered” by American hippies about 30 years ago and now, this once rural fishing village attracts couples, families, spring breakers and backpackers from all over the world. The resort town of Negril has some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. Seven Mile Beach is an inviting stretch of golden sand, perfect for sunbathing or taking a dip in the warm Caribbean Sea. Jump into the Blue Hole Mineral Spring for a rewarding adrenaline rush, then take in a kaleidoscopic sunset from the comfort of a beachfront bar.
 120$/adult  70$/kid
Sandy-Bay-ATV-Off-Road-Adventure-1024x6844×4 Dirt Bike Adventure
* Take a ride on the wild side on this amazing ATV safari tour through the brilliant Jamaican back-country! Climb aboard your powerful ATV for an amazing tour of undiscovered Jamaica! The ATV is easy to handle and gives you unparalleled access to the untouched hills and plains of this beautiful Caribbean island.Journey around the rugged dirt trails of a colonial-era estate. Explore the scenic mountain terrain. Traverse through local communities and forests. Release your wild side as you explore the real Jamaica!


photo2jpgBottom Fishing
* Bottom fishing is the act of fishing at the bottom of salt (marine) water or fresh water body. A common rig for fishing on the bottom is a weight tied to the end of the line, and a hook about an inch up line from it. Bottom fishing can be both done from boats and from coasts. Bottom fishing is probably one of the easiest methods of all to learn if you are new to salt water fishing and want to catch fish. You will need to fish in areas where a lot of bottom fish species tend to congregate. The Caribbean islands boast some of the best fishing spots in the region and the waters here are world-renowned for their sport fishing and bone-fishing.


large_354ynDeep Sea Fishing
* The very best in deep sea sport fishing beckons off the coast of Jamaica. Imagine heading out onto the open waters off the coast, renowned as one of the most thrilling grounds in the entire Caribbean on an unbelievably well customized fishing boat. Now you can brag about your own amazing catch while the sun is shining, the drinks are icy and the fish are biting.

 ½ Day for  1-5 persons – 700 $

48356168_1980889155294356_8317934210065104896_nRasta Herbs Plantation Tour
* The holistic way of life practiced by many Jamaicans including Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Mutbaruka involves the belief in the spiritual and natural healing. Rastas hardly ever go to the doctor except sometimes for diagnosis. Treatment is usually herbs which grow all over Jamaica.
This tour introduces you to the true Rastaman, who grows, lives in the hills away from the hustle and bustle. Who rises by the sun and sleeps by the moon. Who eats what he grows and grows what he eats. On this tour you will walk secret paths of Jamaica and discover the Herbs that open the mind, heal the spirit and cure the body.


IR_SoulRebel_0677.jpgPelican Bar Trip
* A trip to Jamaica wouldn’t be complete without having a Red Stripe at Floyd’s Pelican Bar. No matter if you are staying in Negril, Ocho Rios, or Montego Bay it’s worth a day trip. No other bar will ever compare.
It’s located offshore in the Caribbean Sea about 1 mile from land. The nearest town to Floyd’s Pelican bar is Black River, Jamaica which is 7 miles away. Also nearby is the town of Treasure Beach which is 12 miles away. The menu is simple: ice cold beer, rum punch, and fish. Nothing complicated and fancy here. There are only two things on the food menu, lobster & fresh fish. Both of which are insanely fresh and tasty.


½ Day

Not less than 4 persons

47689334_2052168718357116_1995403649232142336_nAppleton Rum Factory Tour
* Largely regarded as one of Jamaica’s best rum distilleries, Appleton Estate has been producing the liquor since 1749, making it the country’s oldest  sugar cane  estate  and distillery. As well as tasting an array of different rums, you will gain insight into the traditional distillation methods using  200-year-old  copper  pot stills, try their hand at time-honored  methods of cane-juicing and sugar boiling, visit the barrel houses where the rum is aged and sample fresh sugar cane juice, while learning all about how rum is produced.


* Food, Drinks, other transfers, activities and shopping are not included.

* Good Jamaican Traditional meals are included per request for an additional fee.

* Tour and activities duration are subject to change based on weather, traffic and/or unexpected conditions or events.

*** We also have some secret tours in the heart of Jamaica that we keep in our sleeve, for more information about those private personalized tours, contact us alldayallnight. We can combine the suggestions above anytime and make a special price for a Combo Tour for you and fill up your whole day with adventures.
For discussing the prices above and customizing the tours just hit Dwayne with a call at +1 (876) 447-7660  or write to us at

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