Let’s take a Rum Trip!

The traditional Jamaican beverage is rum, distilled from sugar cane. Rum is a part of Jamaica’s history, being prepared in multiple varieties – from light to gold, generally used in cocktails, to the premium black that is served dry. 

pic0111Jamaican rum, as we know it,began with the establishment of Appleton Estate in 1749, in a site that dates back to 1665 when Jamaica became a British colony after Spanish rule. The country soon became a hub of rum production to the point that more than 100 working distilleries had been founded by the late 19th century.
Today, Jamaica has the most rum bars per square mile in the world and the reputation and standard of its rum is rightly regarded. The style is known to be heavier, owing to the fact that there are more pot stills in Jamaica than any other Caribbean islands.
Pot-still rums tend to be heavy and robust with big-flavors and plenty of Caribbean ‘funk’, distinguishing them from rums typically found in Spanish-speaking islands.
There are plenty of great distilleries aside from Appleton to sample Jamaican brilliance today, including J Wray and Nephew, Worthy Park and Hampden.
For a complete list of all the Jamaican Rum brands, take a look here.

tHURSDAY fOOD fEATUREIf you want to drink any excellent example of Jamaican rum like the locals do, you can pair it with ‘Ting’ (a fruity Lilt-like beverage) for a refreshing and delicious tipple.

The Jamaican Rum Punch Recipe is the perfect drink for the summer. It’s delicious and refreshing and the perfect drink to serve in the Caribbean. When most people think about the Caribbean one of the things which comes to mind is sipping on a cold glass of rum punch, decorated with slices of fresh fruit while sitting taking in the rays on white sandy beach. Dark, spiced, or flavored with everything from molasses to bananas there’s bound to be a rum that suits your needs.

So, if you want to know it all, see it all, taste it all, let us know when you plan your trip to Jamaica and we’re not gonna let you miss one thing about Jamaican Rum. And we’re talking from the Appleton Estate Rum Tour to all rum tasting and Daiquiris and chilled evenings with full rum punch pots on the beach while you watch the sun setting in the wavy ocean. Till then, remember not to drink and drive, our friends!

1 thought on “Let’s take a Rum Trip!

  1. Last year we did a rum tour in Hampden/Trelawny. Was very interesting, especially for rum connoisseurs. Next time we will visit Appleton again to see the difference of rum tours between 2013 and now.

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