About Jamaica Lion Tours

We are Jamaicans and we are proud of our country. We are willing to show you everything in detail, if you have the time, the heart, openness and respect for it.

The brain of Jamaica Lion Tours is Dwayne, a man born and raised in Kingston Town. Dwayne’s approach on organizing the tours is different from other tour guides or agencies. His main focus is not on making profit but on showing good people the true face of Jamaica, its most valued secrets and its less touristic paths.

He stands for honesty, love, simplicity, courage, respect for nature and its cures, good health, good food, good vibes, kindness and the real spirit of Jamaica which was built on these values. He is available #alldayallnight to take you anywhere in Jamaica and lead the way to a genuine experience for the Lion in You.

Jamaica consists of so much more than the herbs, Rastafarian culture and reggae music. There is a whole natural paradise to be discovered and experienced and this what we do for you. From introducing you to hidden beaches, coves, bays, tropical forests, rivers, blue holes and secret plantations to taking you to local night clubs and parties, local markets and great places to taste the authentic delicious Jamaican food.

We can accommodate tours for couples and small groups up to 10 people in comfortable and AC equipped vehicles.

Our team is made of professional drivers and guides with a very good knowledge of Jamaican culture and geography, good people that are born and raised in Jamaica.

Safety, punctuality, respect and good times are our main focus and great memories are our guarantee.

3 thoughts on “About Jamaica Lion Tours

  1. I can highly recommend Dwayne’s services. He indeed knows his beloved Jamaica.


    1. Thank you Els for your kind recommendation! Blessings from the Lion land! Hope to see you again soon!


  2. The man you need to enjoy your trip fully !! Professional, safe and fun 🙂 See you soon


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